Review of Durigutti, Cara Sucia Cereza Tinto 2019 red wine from Argentina

Once again this week for my wine of the Week i bring you something that’s really A little bit different And i’m going to have to say straight up This wine is maybe not for Everyone it’s quite an unusual style but I have to say i Really enjoyed it i wouldn’t drink it Every day but i Really really enjoyed this wine um so This is The karasuchi cereza 2019 it comes from mendoza in argentina And it’s part of a range of wines being Branded as the creoles Going back to historic grape varieties Which are more or less forgotten from Argentina And celebrating these in their wines Today So it’s for sale around 11 pounds 99 From the whiskey exchange But there are actually a number of Independent retailers selling the wine For around that 12 to 13 pound range i’m going to put a List of all the independent retailers With it that i know of At the end of the video so the cereza Grape variety means Cherry is grown in a really hot part of Mendoza here And these crayola varieties are not

Indigenous to argentina argentina didn’t Have indigenous grape varieties But they were sometime in the past Varieties that were introduced Were cross-breeding and creating new Varieties Which became effectively argentina’s own Varieties And this is one of those the ceresa it’s Made in a very unusual style too it’s Organic It’s made with wild yeasts it’s Fermented and aged in concrete Eggs egg-shaped tanks and It is very much a natural wine another Thing that’s done with this one which is Quite unusual Is that the grape skins are only kept in Contact for some Time then moved and the wine is vinified More like a white wine so i don’t know If you’ll be able to see but it is a Very uh Very pale color and almost a very deep Rose rather than a rather a deep bread So on the nose Herbs cherries something very kind of Zingy here A little bit of floral note but also Something lightly kind of Gamey and earthy too quite an intriguing Nose Then on the palate But another thing that’s very unusual

For a red wine is it does not Go through malolactic fermentation This process where harsh malic acid as Found in green apples Is converted into lactic acid as found In milk Which almost all red wines go through This one doesn’t which retains a real Kind of white wine Freshness in there that nice cherry Fruit Quite juicy quite supple acidity but a Lightweight Interesting higher acid style of red Wine Which i think is really intriguing but Which as i say might not suit everyone The wine is the karasutia cereza 2019 It’s for sale at 11.99 in the whiskey Exchange But lots of other people selling it list About to come up It is my wine of the week [Music] You