Review of False Bay, Slow Chenin Blanc 2019 wine

A nice little wine from The coastal region of south africa the Western cape For my wine of the week this week this Is the false Bay slow shenan blanc 2019 It sells for 7 pounds 89 from great grog Of stores in edinburgh and online of Course and a number of other independent Retailers have it for around that same Price so it’s a wine that stresses it’s Kind of equal credentials sustainably Farms not organic Um old vines and made with wild yeasts Hence they can have a slow shenan title Because the Fermentation is not rushed by using Cultured yeasts laboratory yeasts But using just the natural yeast found In the vineyard So the wine itself really pleasant nose Um There’s lots of kind of lemon meringue Pie and peachy or very appealing fruity Notes And but as well as that the wild yeast Does give this that Gentle kind of breadiness that gentle Kind of earthiness that just Sets the wine slightly apart from when It’s all about Super bright fruit and on the palate

But again that wild yeast will Contribute to the nice kind of broad Texture of this wine it’s got a real bit Of kind of chewiness to it Though the fruit stays peachy ripe very Easy to drink And a really nice core of acidity too Running through this wine And that gives it all the food matching Credentials have this with Um maybe with some soft round Cheeses have it with fish and seafood And quite versatile quite simple And a good price this is the false bay Slow shenan blanc 2019 For sale from great grog 7 pounds 89 And a number of other retailers the list Coming up this Is my wine of the week [Music] [Music] You