Review of Gentle Riot M-Squared Merlot Malbec red wine

Foreign [Music] [Music] ERS week this week is supplied by lathe Weights the subscription can a wine Service that is part of a group that Also supplies very similar way into the British Airways wine club the American Express wine club and so on so you might Find this wine in more than just Leaf Weights on site this is the gentle Riot M squared Merlot Malbec now it's an Unusual blend in some ways blending Merlot with Malbec not that unusual in That Malbec is the great group of cowor In the southwest of France and quite Often for their less expensive wines Especially they blend a little bit of Merlot in to soften the very tannic grip That the Malbec can give in that area Uh the difference here are two Differences one is that the Malbec does Come from but the Mellow comes from Bordeaux about 170 miles away so in fact It's a cross Regional blend and is a Van De France rather than having a specific Appellation it's also non-vintage so They're probably Blended in some older Wines and not just this year's vintage To give it a little bit of aged Character Oak Aged on the nose You don't miss that there's a lot of Kind of high toned cherry oak as well as That are very bright and again High

Toned kind of raspberry and slightly um Jammy Plum like fruit Then on the palette Lots of fruit sweetness again that kind Of bright raspberry character Cherry Maybe And quite a tough tannic grip in there From that Malbec quite chunky quite a Kind of um rustic grip to the wine which For me means that it has to go with a Piece of steak for example and maybe a Lamb but certainly can a red meat Protein is where I think this wine fits Happiest now it's 13.99 a bottle Full price 10.99 and one of Lathe Weights you know mixed dozen deals and 1099 is a better price for it but for a Rustic chunky barbecue and steak wine uh Quite an interesting uh quite an Interesting blend and an unusual blend From lathe weights this is the uh M Squared Melu and Malbec under the gentle Riot Label of lift weights priced at 13.99 or 10.99 in as far as the next dozen and my Wine of the week [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]