Review of ‘Gertie’, a Cabernet Franc wine from Australia

Foreign [Music] Week this week is perhaps a little more Expensive than summer 24.99 and it's Also only really available from very Select number of retailers so it's not Typical one of the week fair but it's Such a nice wine and so unusual but I Decided to give it the wine of the week Spot This wine is guerti it's a company Franc From the Clear Valley in Australia South Australia most synonymous with Riesling And maybe Shiraz Cabernet Franca a Little bit unusual one of the big Bordeaux Grapes of course and here are Beautifully Express of wine On the nose what I really love about it Is there's a real kind of violative Floral lift to this but as well as that Looks like kind of sappiness the Cabernet Franc if it's not too ripe Often shows that kind of black olive can A note and there's some of that in here Making it a really attractive wine Modestly oaked fermented with some whole Bunches to give it a bit more of a kind Of fruity intensity and with wild yeasts Also on the palette Thank you Well there's no lack of nice fruit Filling the mouth here black fruit but Again that sappiness that juiciness Comes through very nice then extremely

Drinkable wine which I always say and at 24.99 from address was uh just At the bottom of the page I think it's a very a very nice wine and What was your consideration if you're Looking for a capony flunk it's a little Bit different and uh delicious it's my Wine of the week [Music] Thank you