Review of Gosset Grand Rose Champagne for St Valentine’s Day

Foreign [Music] Is nicely timed for Valentine's Day of Course but of course we also have Mother's Day and Easter coming up so What better than together really can a Celebratory style of wine in this case a Rose champagne this is the Goosey Grand Rosie it's a non-vintage wine and it Sells for around about 54-55 pounds the number of stockists do A little bit of searching to find the Best deal that you can on this one so It's a blend of um Chardonnay and Pinot Noir eight percent of the Pinot Noir Unified as a red wine and added here so It's an assemblage method of making a a Rose champagne and only 8 grams per Liter of residual Sugar Plus the wine Maker has blocked malolactic Fermentation that's a type of Fermentation that can set it slightly Soften acidity so we have here a crisp Fresh Mouth-watering and above all else and Gastronomic style of Rose champagne on The nose Well I mean there is a little bit of Brioche and custard there's definitely Some of that there but also very elegant Firm small red buried fruit very Attractive a little bit of kind of Watermelon character in there perhaps Too

On the palette An interesting interestingly the seller Master here Does his blending of the wine in black Glasses so that he can't see the color Because he doesn't want to blend for Color he wants to blend for Aroma and Flavor and this has a lovely flavor I Have to say it's very poised very Elegant It is dry the small dry red berries Cranberry perhaps and finishing with Lovely acid balance too so it's a very Sophisticated Rosie It would make a very celebratory drink In this lovely packaging and it is my Wine of the month for February the Goosey Grand Rosie a non-vintage selling For around about 55 pounds is my wine of The month [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]