Review of Graham Beck Brut Rose Sparkling Wine

Well i publish my wine of the week every Monday but this particular monday Happens to be february the 14th 2022 Scent valentine’s day but i’m not one of Those wine writers who chops out the Cliches so i’ve picked something pink And fizzy as my wine of the week And this is the graham beck Rosie from south africa a sparkling rose Priced at 16.99 as the headline price And majestic but if you’re Buying one of their mixed six deals the Price falls to 14.99 which is also the Price in scotland repair bottle and There are a number of other Retailers selling this wine from around About the 1499 to the 1799 mark i’ll put A list of the others at the end of the Video So the wine is a traditional method a Cap classique wine from south africa Made from the two main champagne grapes Of pinot noir and chardonnay dominated By pinot noir and the color this lovely Gentle pink color comes just from the Little bit of time that the pinot noir Spends being transported to the winery And leeching just a little bit of colour From the skins then the chardonnay Peanut or blended for the further Processing the making of the champagne Wine or the champagne style wine i Should say of course so on the nose

Very pretty soft strawberry and Raspberry fruit and the moose quite Gentle It has a little nice little firm edge to It something a little bit maybe like Cherry skins or red currant there’s a Very appealing nose and on the palate Well it’s an easy drinking wine um the Dosage of this wine the residual sugars Up around 10 Grams per liter so it’s not a very Austere wine it’s quite easy drinking But it has a creaminess to that Strawberry berry fruit but good clean Acidity to finish too and is actually a Very nice wine for sipping on its own um As in a pair of teeth Or maybe for matching with maybe some Smoked salmon i would say So my wine of the week Nothing to do with valentine’s day is a Pink fizz from south africa it’s the Graham beck Rosie non-vintage rosie 14.99 On a deal in majestic other stockists Coming up my wine of the week [Music] You