Review of Graham Beck Brut Sparkling Wine from South Africa

[Music] My one of the week this week is a Sparkling as you can see And it comes from south africa this is The graham beck Brute it’s a blend of chardonnay and Pinot noir And it’s on sale in a number of Retailers but all the big boys seem to Have it on a special offer at the moment In waitrose but only until tomorrow the 6th Of april 2021 Is it down to 10 pounds from 15 pounds It’s in majestic at 12 pounds from 16 Pounds And it’s a number of other retailers Around the 14 to 15 16 pound mark and there’s also a cuvee Called the cuvee Joshua in sainsbury’s down from 14 to 12. I think it’s probably the same wine just With a different label though i can’t be Certain about that But the price to be on if you’re quick Is waitrose at 10 pounds So growing back one of the kind of real Uh Mainstay names of traditional Method a cap classique traditional Method champagne Style sparkling wines from the cape Based in robertson

A little bit of the fruit from this Comes from more coastal vineyards Robertson great place for sparkling Wines but more in Land and it’s basically a dry Brute style but with really good fruit And at the price i think a terrific wine On the nose well there is a lovely Biscuit and brioche kind of edge to this That long Leaves aging around 18 months on the Lease for this And gives it that lovely kind of Creaminess but the fruit is very crisp Too Little kind of rosy red apples a little Bit of lemon in there but very Attractive And in the palate Fine mousse fine bubbles Enough sweetness to it with around nine Grams of residual sugar To make it quite easy to drink quite Attractively easy to drink But sharp to pin sharp and focused the Wine does not go through something Called Malolactic fermentation which can soften Harsher Malic acid and turn it into lactic acid Uh it doesn’t go through that which most Of them these mcc’s do That maybe helps i think to give it that Kind of freshness and that

Thrust so a really good wine i think um At 10 pounds of bottle an absolute steel This is the graham beck brute chardonnay Pinot noir Um on sale and a number of multiple Retailers are around 15 pounds normally Right now 10 pounds in waitrose and You’ll find it for about 12 pounds in a Couple of the other big supermarkets This is my wine of the week [Music] You