Review of Greystone Organic Sauvignon Blanc wine from New Zealand

Now it’s probably only about seven or Eight weeks ago that i made Sauvignon blanc from new zealand my wine Of the week there was a wine which Represented like a new look a new way of Making sauvignon blanc from new zealand Uh not typical in that it was wild Fermented and was aged in oak so it does Seem a little bit soon to be Recommending another wine which would Broadly fit that style but it’s such a Good wine that i had to make it my wine Of the week This is the greystone Organic sauvignon blanc 2019 vintage now It’s in some waitrose stores and which Was online at 15.99 and it’s in a lot of Independent merchants including wood Winters in scotland For that price a little bit more And it’s a terrific wine so it comes From north canterbury ignore waitrose Site that says it comes from central Otago it doesn’t it comes from north Canterbury also in the south island it Is organically certified it is fermented With wild yeasts and it is partly Fermented in french oak barrels and what That adds up to is a wine which is much More in common with uh european style uh Sauvignon based wines like white Bordeaux wines from the grav area the Pisa cleonyan area in bordeaux

With more richness more weight more Mealiness on the nose Well terrific Ripe melon organ melon and peach and Nectarine just lovely luscious fruit Kinda dripping from the glass but as Well as that There’s a little bit of flint and Smokiness A little bit of lemon peel all sorts of Quite complex things going on here which I personally love And on the palette Well the story continues of Great lusciousness that tropical fruit Is just kind of oozing from this glass Nice mouth feel Creaminess from that oak barrel agent And lovely definition and acidity it’s a Superb wine um It is kind of limped and it is weighty But it’s fresh as a daisy too fantastic With creamy risottos and creamy pastas Absolutely fantastic for that but Anything from poultry from roast chicken To fish too it’s going to be an absolute Banker my wine of the week is the grace Stone It’s the organic sauvignon blanc 2019 From new zealand it’s for sale for 15.99 In waitrose a little bit more in wood Winters and other stores and the 220 2020 vintage will be coming into stores Soon it’s a top vintage for new zealand

So i don’t see any problem in trying That either this is my wine Of the week [Music] You