Review of Hacienda de Lluna Moscato rosado, low alcohol wine from Laithwaites

Now whether you do or not a lot of People are observing what is being known As dry january trying to give up or Certainly cut down on alcohol for the Month of january I’ve been tasting quite a lot of wines That fit this profile from about nine Percent alcohol down to zero percent Alcohol wines and i’m going to put a Little report on those on But meanwhile this is the one i’ve Chosen as my wine of the week This is the hacienda de luna It’s a rosado or red wine sorry rose Wine and it comes from valencia in spain Now the wine is only 5 pounds 29 from Lathe weights i think it’s an own label A speciality of theirs And if you buy a case of any 12 wines From leith weights the price of this one Drops to just 4.29 So what is it well it’s um A wine made broadly in the style of a Moscato dusty from italy in that it is Made from the muscat grape it is very Low alcohol with only five percent it’s Gently sparkling and it’s sweet so it’s One of those frothy easy drinking wines Not the sort of wine you might expect to Feature on wine pages too regularly but You know it’s delicious it’s low in Alcohol and for certain purposes for Certain points i can’t recommend it

Highly enough at four pounds 29 a bottle Potentially on the nose Well it’s all strawberry sherbet and Floral notes Lots and lots of perfume here but all in That kind of pink and red spectrum of Fruits and flowers And then on the palette That gentle effervescence Loads of sweetness Again we’re into raspberry and Strawberry but there is good acidity Here you know for such a Commercial wine i guess in terms of its Style it’s really quite well balanced And not for drinking with food Particularly although i did have a glass Of this with a kind of moroccan tagine Just the other night lots of apricot and Sweet flavors through it and it actually Worked quite well Um so uh Really low alcohol Blast of summer i guess at this time of Year Sweet frothy not too serious but i think Very well done this is the hacienda de Luna It’s the 2020 vintage and it’s on sale In leith weights at 529 or even just 429 If you’re buying a case This is my wine of the week [Music] You