Review of Hush Heath, Balfour Liberty’s Bacchus English wine

There have been many English sparkling wines that have made It to my wine of the week Or rather kind of top awards here in Wine pages But relatively few still wines from England although there have been a few And an increasing few i guess as we Prove That the english climate as well as its Terroir Is capable of making good quality wines Given a fair wind and that really means Some fair weather as we’re still was Classed Some marginal climate now this week’s Wine of the week is made From a grape variety which is designed Just for such marginal climates Because it ripens early it ripens well And accumulates sugar well And is suited quite well to the english Vineyard Scene especially here in kent the source Of this wine This is the hush heath balfour estate Liberty’s bacchus 2019. Now the price is around 17 to 18 pounds You can buy it from the fine wine Company from amps fine wine And direct from the hush heath estate Website So back as i say is the grape it’s a

Cross bred grape variety Popularized countries like germany and Now Finding favor in other marginal climates Such as england And this is a particularly striking Example Um on the nose i mean it’s Incredibly kind of vivid and vivacious And bright A piercing quality of green fruit a Piercing quality of Herbs of flowers are really lifted As i say piercing quality to this wine It’s out sauvignoning [Music] In that aspect and on the palate Well it’s barely less vivacious loads of Acidity here A bit of residual sugar to try and Balance that out And a pungent vivid wine That has full flavor and really quite a Striking character Now i’m going to be absolutely honest And say that i would not drink A lot of this wine because it has such a Powerful personality But it’s a striking example of getting Something Very very vivid very very character full From an english vineyard and i think if You’re a sauvignon blanc lover Particularly if you like that

Pungent style of kiwi sauvignon blanc Particularly Then i think you will like this and it’s Certainly a very Interesting white from the from the hush Heath estate This is the hashith balfour estate 2019 bacchus liberties bacchus For sale around 17 to 18 pounds Little list of our retailers coming up And it is my Interesting wine of the week [Music] You