Review of I Stefanini, Soave Il Selese 2020

My window this week comes from italy and It comes from the very far north east of Italy near venice the veneto region and It’s a sowavi one of the really well Known names of italian white wine And a lot of it is very kind of mediocre I have to say but there are some Producers making really distinctive Extremely high quality suaves and this Is one of them this is the ai stefanini And it’s a suave 2020. the il celesi is The Cuvee particular cuvee selling for 11 Pounds from dudley jones fine wine i’ll Put the web address just down below And um i really as i say a superior uh So avid this one Packed full of flavor packed full of Interest which as i say is not something You can always find in suave a lovely Kind of deep color to this little bit of Kind of buttercup yellow flash of Emerald through it too and on the nose Well i really do like the kind of um Fragrant almost kind of chamomile kind Of character to this A lovely floral edge to quite zippy Lemon fruit Then on the palette Surprisingly luscious there’s a kind of Really nice weight and texture to this Wine it’s quite honeyed there’s a lovely Kind of gentle almondy touch to it but

Packed full of fruit Touching onto apricot full of that lime And lemon zest too and a really Attractive wine um It is fresh it’s going to go really well With most seafoods it has the clarity to Go with something like oysters for Example or clams but it also has the Weight to go with a piece of meatier Fish to go with a piece of halibut Perhaps Um but all around a delightful wine this Is the i stephanini il celesi Suave 2020 It comes from the north east of italy Priced at 11 pounds from dudley jones Fine wine and it is my wine of the week [Music] You