Review of Jean-Luc Mouillard Cotes du Jura Rubis red wine

Foreign [Music] 50 from Dudley Jones fine wine a web Address just at the bottom of the screen You may find other stalkers to the wine But this was supplied by Dudley Jones so Rubis Um is a blend of grapes the Jeweler Region in the Eastern France has both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay very common Grapes from burgundy which is quite Close by but also has its own grapes in This case a blend of the Pinot Noir with Russo and poolside two local varieties Which tend to make a kind of payroll Like slightly lighter wine indeed this Wine rubus has a lovely uh slightly Paler slightly more transparent color And on the nose Wow lovely kind of sappiness to this you Know real kind of freshness there's Juicy Fruit there's got a small crown Break in a fruit too but it has a lovely Sense of kind of energy about it Immediately and on the palette Are definitely more of the same this is An elegant refined But ultimately juicy And easy drinking wine it has those Sappy characters again that kind of Freshness which is not at all Heavy only 12 and a half percent alcohol and the Back label recommends it with Turin de Campagna so I really can a Rustic terrine or maybe with chicken it

Would be good too it's a lovely wine and Of that fresh appetizing almost crew Beaujolais style if you like that style From Jean-Luc mouillard this is the Rubus 2020 vintage for sale at 17 pounds 50 from Dudley Jones fine wine and it is My wine of the week Foreign [Music]