Review of Journey’s End Honeycomb Chardonnay white wine

ERS week this week is a South African Chardonnay the Chardonnay comes in many Guises as you know from the very crisp Anup style of traditional Chablis to the Kind of full-on ripeness and richness of Battle fermented and Barrel aged Styles And this one works a really nice line Somewhere between the two and a very Commercial style I don’t mean that as a Damning kind of statement it’s just that It’s made to be a real kind of crowd Pleaser walking that gentle line and Hopefully pleasing um sharding your Lovers whenever they taste it this is The journeys and honeycomb Chardonnay 2021 vintage Now it costs only nine pounds from Marks And Spencers and I believe you can buy It for eight pounds to snow certainly It’s eight pounds of You by by the six Bottle case so it comes from uh the Western Cape basically Vineyards which Are quite close to the coast and and Should benefit from a little bit of Color conditions which might help Explain the fact that it only has 12 Alcohol on the nose Well a very gentle Shin of kind of Oatmeal here The Oak’s not toasty it’s Not dominant the fruit a little bit like A very ripe melon perhaps

And a little bit of Peach and pear very Attractive very fruity then on the Palette Well again it’s very well done nice Texture here it’s quite clean quite Fresh again because of that low alcohol A little bit of kind of nukak and a Character to it more of that ripe organ Melon fruit and good balanced acidity so As I say a cleverly made all-round Pleasing kind of Chardonnay at a very Fair price uh don’t hesitate to Recommend the Journey’s End honeycomb Chardonnay nine pounds per bottle in Marks and Spencer’s possibly eight Pounds and it is my wine of the week Foreign [Music] [Music]