Review of Journey’s End Winemaker’s Reserve Chardonnay wine

Well for my week this week i’m in south Africa and i’m in one of the great kind Of heartland historic regions of south Africa for wine stellenbosch This is the journey’s end Winemaker’s reserve chardonnay 2021 is In M s or ocado at 12 pounds 50 per bottle So it’s also a fair trade accredited Wine which means that the producer has Signed up to uh Terms and conditions of the fair trade Organization to ensure things like Workers rights and working conditions Are all um Taken care of in terms of the farm And the winery so the wine itself eight Months in french oak barrels and To give it a little bit of that oaky Creamy vanilla influence but on the nose I mean lovely ripe fruit hinting at Pineapple hinting at mango but more About kind of peach also a little bit of Citrus Then On the palette Well that creamy slightly kind of Vanillin nutty oak underpins but the Fruit’s all about um The palette’s all about the fruit again We’re in that spectrum of the stone Fruits the peaches the apricots Very nice limey acidity that’s not too

Aggressive a hint of flintiness a hint Of that little kind of struck match note Which is very pleasant in the whole mix But our fairly easy drinking well Balanced chardonnay with a little bit of Style for 12 pounds 50. This is the journey’s end winemakers Reserve chardonnay From stellenbosch in south africa it’s An m s and ocado at 12 pounds 50 and is My wine Of the week [Music] You