Review of Ken Forrester Old Vine Reserve Chenin Blanc wine

My one of the week this week Comes from south africa this is the ken Forester old vine reserve Shenan blanc 2019 is regularly priced Around about 14 to 15 pounds in Independent retailers Right now a company called the great Wine Company has it reduced to just 13 pounds 30 which is a good buy So um the wine comes from stellenbosch It comes from very old Vines planted in 1974 so the 45 year old Vines Grown in sandy soils in ken forester’s Vineyards down towards the South of the sterling bosch region where They have a real influence from The coast from the atlantic down there Only about seven kilometers from the Vineyards It’s aged in oak barrels are partly aged Milk barrels and about 20 Of those oak barrels are new french oak Giving it not so much an Oaky character but just enough lovely Kind of creamy character On the nose well a little toast a little Bit of a kind of Sheen of oatmeal on this but really nice Fruit Suggestion of something quite honeyed to The nose here but also a lovely

Fat lemonade kind of juiciness too comes Through Very attractive and on the palate Really nice there’s a burst of sweet Sweet fruit here A really kind of unctuous sweetness that Honey again A really broad texture too kind of Filling the mouth the oak helping with That just kind of Underpinning everything but as always The secret is the acidity is really well Balanced Streaks through the finish of this to Give it lots of freshness too So i mean you know wine with texture With sweetness with good acidity With a smattering of oak makes it really Broadly food friendly Everything from white fish to chicken to Our roast chicken Would be terrific with this wine the Wine of the week Is the ken forester old vine Reserve shenan blanc 2019 Currently an offer of 13 pounds 30 from The great wine company Other stock is coming up in just a Moment it’s my wine Of the week [Music] You