Review of Kumeu River Village Chardonnay from New Zealand

Come you river is one of New Zealand’s Best and most interesting estates it Sits in the northern outskirts of Auckland not an area with a lot of high Quality wineries and the town the city Has grown outwards towards commune of Around has kind of enveloped the Vineyards bino of this family estate so There are no sourcing fruit not only From the commune of a region where they Made their name but from the Hawke’s Bay Area a little bit further south south of Auckland and this way that fact is a Combination of both fruit from both Regions this is the Kumu village Chardonnay 2018 it sells for ten pounds 95 in the wine society and there are a Number of other independent stockists We’ll put a little list of those just at The end of the video so the bracket Which family make this wine very much a Family concern and it is grown Sustainably and then it is made with a Very very I guess what is Burgundian Hands-off philosophy so it’s made only With wild yeasts it is aged for a long Time on the Lee’s I think this is a Little bit of barrel but not too much Settling on a lot of New York and M is Bottled in a style which I would Describe as quite European at quite French so on the nose that’s a lovely Delicate aroma there’s something a

Little bit kind of floral there not too Much walk at all there is a New York It’s more like in a creaminess to the Nose and very very obvious pear apple a Little bit of a kind of peach down peach Blossom a canna fruit – I’m very very Appealing and in the mouth Delicious those are kind of blast citrus Probably more orange or as much orange As it is lemon and that fruit stays very Focused very sharp just rounded out a Little nuttiness It’s a beautiful drinking Chardonnay and Quite subtle in style not a fruit bomb Not an oak bomb but just beautifully Pitched a great gastronomic wine to Google levels of acidity mean that’s Going to be broadly fruit friendly you Know everything from white fish to Seafood to chicken a delicious wine Beautifully pitched in a more subtle European style from New Zealand this is The Kumu village Chardonnay 2018 vintage For sale at ten pounds 95 from the wine Society and other independent retailers It’s my wine of the week [Music] You [Music]