Review of La Belle Angèle Pinot Noir 2019, from France

So this wine of the week has been Published On monday the 14th of december and we’re Reaching that point where it’s getting Too late to guarantee deliveries from Anywhere and Ordering online so instead i’m going to Concentrate on can a supermarket and High street wines for the next couple of Weeks For those physical last minute shopping Decisions This wine is a really useful one i think For christmas time it’s a pinot noir So that’s always a wine which goes Pretty well With roast poultry with either turkey or Chicken or duck or goose And it’s an inexpensive one so don’t Expect grand cru burgundy But actually on an offer price at the Moment it’s very good value This is la belo pino noir 2019 It comes from the south of france and It’s in majestic currently at Six pounds 99 when you buy six bottles Or in scotland i believe that’s the Single bottle price Uh its headline price is 10.99 and i’ll Put my hands up now and say Don’t pay 10.99 for it it’s not worth That

But at 6.99 it delivers a really really Good glass of pinot for the price Aromatically it’s bright and kind of Bubble gummy I suspect maybe some carbonic maceration Here A la beaujolais lots of raspberry lots Of that kind of Watercolor paint box kind of lift to the Fruit but very fruity very vibrant very Attractive And on the palette More of the same bursts with juicy fruit There’s a tiny undertow of looking at Her herbal twiggy note Of pinot noir which works very well in This context And it is dry enough soft tannins To make it food friendly but sippable Too and i think you know a kind of Versatile Inexpensive red wine handy for christmas And a good price at 6.99 this is la Bellongille it’s a pinot noir from the South of france In majestic currently on offer at 699 If you buy 6 or 699 bottle price in Scotland it’s my wine Of the week You