Review of Lampe de Meduse Provence Rose wine

[Music] [Music] Summer always brings a crop of Rosy Wines of course and I have just Published my annual Rosie Roundup Covering dozens of roses you can find it On but here we have one Which I've chosen I mean largely because Of this really strange bottle it's kind Of like an Alsace flute buried inside a Globe at the bottom that kind of fortune Tellers crystal ball Um the wine itself is the Chateau San Rosaline It's the kuvi lamp de medus 2022 now lamp dim the juice I don't know If it's based on a lamp apparently it's Based on a perfume bottle from the town Of grass which is very close to the Production of the swine improvements It's a blend of sansil with about five Other typical Grapes of provens like Tiburon raw Grenache Syrah and it's made In what I would describe is quite an Intense gastronomic style it's not cheap It's about 2150 to 23.50 and I'm putting All the stockists at the end of the Video that I can find Um but you know so it's the upper end of Provence Rosie that most of us will come Across and what do we get on the nose Well I mean there is a beginning of kind Of uh rose hips and watercolor paint box That kind of very lifted character but

It moves quite swiftly into kind of Lychee and mango A little bit of orange quite an Interesting very fruity quite intense Nose then on the palette Oh Shadows are Rosalind does tend to Make very concentrated wines and this is One of them There's a concentrated flavor of the Fruit flavor again we're talking about Peach and apricot mango lychee a lot of Fruit but there's a grip here of the Acidity too like an epithelium and Acidity which is why I say it's a more Gastronomic style I mean matching this To things like salad nicoise something With sardines Matching it to something like a kind of Preserved lemon chicken tagine from Morocco it's something that'll take Fairly strong flavors for a Rosie Because of that intensity is it worth 22 23 quid a bottle well there are probably Better value roses out there that are Cheaper but it certainly makes a Statement it's certainly a talking point And it's a very good wine this is the Chateau sound Rosaline the cuvi is Called Lamp de medus the Vintage is 2022 And the price is 21.50 to 23.50 stocks About to come up my wine of the week [Music] [Music]