Review of Lemberg, Lady 2018, a wine from South Africa

Now when the week this week Comes from tool back the toe back is a Smallish area a vineyard area in the Northern part of the western cape In south africa and it’s not one that You see in the label too often certainly Compared to stellenbosch and swat land And parallel But make some very very good wines and Has done for many years Lemberg is the producer of this wine the Wine is called Lady and it’s the 2018 vintage For sale at 14 pounds and 15 pence From great grog great grogger Independent merchant Based in and around edinburgh but they Do send their wines all over the uk So uh the lady it’s a very interesting Blend this fifty percent of it is v on Yay 29 of it is harsh lavaloo a grape from The Hungarian uh tokai region And the rest of it is made up of semi And sauvignon blanc It is made in a fairly natural style With natural yeasts a little bit of skin Contact In big older oak barrels for a short Period So it’s pretty much like a hands-off

Natural style of wine making And aromatically there’s a lovely kind Of sheen A sheen of kind of almond i think from That little bit of oak and lee’s aging But the vionia character that little bit Of peach and pear comes through quite Nicely It’s a restrained wine orchard fruits But has that little bit of luxurious Kind of almond touch to it Then on the pallet It’s lovely again plentiful fruit Really nice balance here and good crisp Acids in this wine a little hint of Saltiness of saline in the finish which Always intrigues And a really well-made well-structured Wine Good on the fruit lovely personality and Something a little bit different with That unusual blend of grapes Um quite a powerful wine despite all Having 13 alcohol Would stand up to chicken or maybe a Little bit of kind of pork Fillet with a nice kind of creamy Mustard sauce great with fish too This is the lemberg lady 2018 It’s for sale from great grog At 14 pounds 15 pounds per bottle and it Is My wine of the week [Music]