Review of Lemberg Spencer Pinotage from South Africa

My wind of the week this week Is a pinotage from south africa and it’s Fair to say that i don’t have a lot of Penitage as my wine of the week it’s a Very controversial grape And some of the less expensive peanuts Wines um Are not to my taste not a lot of People’s tastes But when it is right when it is made Well it is fantastic This is the lemberg spencer pinotage 2016. Now it’s not cheap it’s around 19 pounds 45 a bottle from great Grog who find them online and they have Shops in edinburgh But there are a number of other Retailers selling it For around about the 1950 to 21 pound Mark But a list of those at the end of the Video so the wine itself it comes from Tobacc a region in the north of the Of the cape wine lands like in a wild And rugged region which makes some Really good wines And this is a pinotage which has been Treated with Real care and treated with real quality The way a Fine pinot noir would be for example Pinotage is in fact a cross of pinot

Noir and Sanso 18 months in french oak barrels And hand sorted fruit very carefully Selected It’s also 2016 so it has five years Under its belt in terms of just having That nice little bit of warmth and Maturity On the nose well it’s pretty sumptuous Lots of Coffee and spice kind of tobacco spices A bit of sandalwood Loads of deep fruit a kind of coffee and Chocolate depth But also a kind of cherry note there That adds a little bit of a brighter Lift to the picture And in the palette Well it’s rich in sumptuous stuff um 14 alcohol in the in the wine which adds To the kind of weight and texture But really there’s great freshness too There is a kind of velvetiness to this Wine from the From the tans the plushness of the Tannins and fruit but it stays very Fresh Too and a fine example of a peanut Touching into those kind of truffle and Undergrowth notes of the pinot noir And finishing with really good balance This is the lemberg spencer pinotage 2016 For sale in great grog at 19 pounds 45

Plus in the other independent merchants About to appear on screen This is my wine of the week [Music] You