Review of Lidl Julienas 2018, part of Lidl UK’s wine tour

Now my wine this week Comes from lidl’s latest wine tour It’s always a popular feature on wine Pages when Lidl uk brings its wine tour into stores Every two months Special parcels of wines often borders One-off parcels Which are sold on a kind of when it’s Gone it’s gone Basis and this winter kicked off on Thursday the 24th of september 2020 And will run basically until stocks last But we’re talking about two to three Weeks A maximum some of the wines will run out Before then so if you want anything from My feature on the wines then please um Hurry along to the stores i’m going to Put a link To the full tasting notes on seven or Eight wines that i’ve tasted Just below what i’ve chosen for this Wine of the week is A julienne ass 2018. Now this is on sale for 7 pounds 99 And julian ass is one of the crew Beaujolais Villages so beaujolais has these 10 Particular villages which are of the Highest quality And they are allowed to put the name of

The village on the on the grape on the Label rather than saying beaujolais so This is julian ass But it is beaujolais and it’s made from The gammy grape Unlike a lot of beaujolais though it is Made with traditional fermentation Not a technique called carbonic Maceration Which i won’t go into here but basically A lot of beaujolais for very early Drinking is made with this Special technique which makes it Particularly fruity particularly low in Tannins And very easy to drink this one made With the traditional fermentation method So it’s a little bit of a kind of firmer Style of beaujolais than you might be Used to And one that will age for a couple of Years very happily Um gamay grape from those granite soils And beaujolais in the julian ass village And on the nose a really nice black Fruit Quite black curranty quite firm a little Bit of a kind of steely quality to this A little bit of a Intense austerity there’s a dustiness to This which is very very appealing makes It feel Quite serious then on the palette Well absolutely no shortage of sweet

Plump black berry fruits Nice line of acidity and tannin in this Wine to give it a firmness to give it a Nice little kind of edge and focus And a very good wine matching this to a Nice Duck breast perhaps you know kind of Plum sauce or something like that But quite versatile again as always For my choice where there is fruit Tanning and acid and good balance This is the little julienne ass 2018 it’s in little stores as part of Their wine tour currently When it’s gone it’s gone and the price Is 7.99 This is my wine of the week [Music] You