Review of Marqués de Casa Concha, Etiqueta Negra 2018, red wine from Chile

My windows week this week Comes from chile and it’s a bordeaux Blend mainly cabernet sauvignon But with some cabernet franc and some Petty verdeaux In the blend this is the maccasta casa Concha Etiquetta negra 2018. It’s for sale in the wine society at 17 Pounds per Bottle so marcus de casa concha is one Of the labels are one of the brands Rather of the giant Concha etoro company in chile who make Really good wines across the range this Made by their head wine maker marcelo Papa Who also says it will sell it for 20 Years certainly it’s a wine with a bit Of a statement behind it a bordeaux Blend in a very heavy bottle And let’s see what it has in the glass On the nose lovely fruit it’s a real Canola there’s a Little touch back in a black currant Pastel edge to this that nice kind of Brightness but it’s mostly about a more Solid plum and black currant fruit Nice touches of kind of cedar too a Little bit of like kind of pencil Shaving quality Uh very attractive aromas very

Bordeaux-like That’s true and on the palette Lovely i can see why this wine might age It has a lot of structural tanning in There it has very good Juicy kind of plum skin cherry skin bite Of acidity But the fruit is kind of packed into the Wine too A big plush layer of fruit that just Runs through the wine through to the end And good length good structure quite a Mouthful now another wine that might Benefit from decanting At the moment but a quite serious stuff From the country toro company this Is the marcus de casaconcha etiquetta Negra 2018 for sale in the wine society at 17 Pounds per bottle And it is my wine of the week [Music] You