Review of Montgomery Vineyards, Solaris, white wine from Wales

My wine of the week this week is Something a little bit different in fact It’s a first for me It’s a wine from whales now i do know That wales makes wine and makes quite a Bit of wine And some of the vineyards down there are Ideal for making wine as good as any in England but you know you don’t see a lot Of it on the shelves most of it Is sold very much locally either from The cellar door or to local restaurants And hotels So it’s really nice to see one this is The montgomery Solaris 2019 and it’s priced between About 18.99 and 24.99 a bottle I’m going to put a list of the retailers At the end of this video they’re all Independent retailers not in any Supermarkets And i know it’s expensive and i’m going To put my hand in my heart i’ll say it’s Quite expensive even for what it is but You have to recognize that you’re Tasting something Very um unusual very kind of pioneering If you like from wales Where production costs are very high and Volumes are very small And it is an extremely good wine so Solaris is a cross-bed grape

A bread specifically to ripen well in Marginal conditions so you see a lot of It In places like the north of germany and Even in denmark and places like that That are making wine And in england of course and on the nose Well it’s lovely very talcomay and Bright In some ways almost like a riesling neck And a young fresh wrestling in some ways In other ways it’s got the zing of a Verdejo or a sonian blanc perhaps But really quite a nice nose very very Vibrant And in the palette Juicy lemony Very fresh very zippy but it’s not Without a kind of peachiness of fruit in The mid Palate to stop it being too severe and Finishes with actually A very good length even a hint of kind Of salty mineral kind of quality to the Acidity here As well as all that citrus so as i say It’s um Certainly not cheap at the 20 quid a Bottle um And arguably the value has to be Compared against other things you could Buy that price a Really good sauvignon blanc from sunset Or new zealand for

Perhaps but it is unique It is excellent and it is my wine Of the week [Music] You