Review of Morandé, One to One Gewürztraminer 2020 white wine

I confess i don’t feature a lot of give Stramin or grape variety as my wine of The week it’s one of those grape Varieties which is Fabulous now and again but which you Don’t drink every day because of its Very kind of floral character And this is a great example however at a Very good price this is the vina morandi Old vinegar straminar from the Casablanca valley in chile and it’s for Sale in majestic at 8.99 a bottle though If you’re in scotland or you’re buying a Mixed six the price falls to 7.99 a Bottle So it’s a Really really nice expression of Straminar a grape that’s most famous Probably in al sas In the north of france but here in the Cool foggy coastal casablanca valley Produces a really lovely wine and on the Nose Well that haunting kind of signature of Gewurz kind of rose petal turkish Delight lychee All in there all really fabulous very Floral almost like in a leafy geranium Leaf kind of note to this then on the Palette It’s got quite a nice texture Verging on the kind of silky oily kind Of character of texture

Those exotic flavors but a cracking Level of acidity that leaves it maybe Just technically off dry but feeling dry In the mouth feeling very food friendly Bankers these wines with things like um Spicy chinese food sichuan food that Kind of thing And could also be really interesting With some soft cheeses i think with some Kind of soft washed rind cheeses All together are really a delightful Example of gavorts at a good price This is the vinya murandi Old vinegar strawberry 2020 from chile It’s in majestic at 8.99 or 7.99 in one Of their deals and it is My wine of the week [Music] You