Review of Morgenster Lourens River Valley red wine from South Africa

Morgenster in south africa in somerset West not far from stellenbosch is a Beautiful estate with a long uh heritage Of italian and french association Pierre lerton who is the owner of Chateau cheval blanc for example is on The board of directors so distinct French influence and this is a bordeaux Style blend aids for 12-month french oak And it’s an absolutely beautiful wine it Is the morgenster Laurens river valley Red wine 2015 vintage it’s for sale at 17.99 from Great wines direct there are quite a few Retailers of this wine and i’m going to Put a list of those just at the end of The video So 2015 means that this wine has had Substantial aging in the sellers at Morganster before release it’s part of Their policy and you’re buying a really Classy bordeaux style wine of great Quality at what i think is a reasonable Price at under 20 pounds so the color is A lovely kind of ruby just a little bit Of a kind of tawny on the room a little Bit of amber on the rim reflecting that Little bit of age on the nose Delightful there’s kind of crushed Raspberry kind of brightness to this Black currant fruit and there’s a lovely Cedar or graphite edge to this too very

Classy stuff and on the palate Well it develops quite a lot of depth to The fruit there much more in the black Fruit spectrum But those little kind of elegant floral Kerchie type notes flit around the oak Is beautifully supportive creamy touch Of coffee but not overdone and very well Balanced the tannins extremely refined The acidity appwa and a wine that Finishes both on fruit a little bit of Spice and lovely clarity So terrific wine um The morgenster laurens river valley 2015 From south africa on sale at 17.99 from Great wines direct other stock is coming Up and it is a lovely wine of the week [Music] You.