Review of Mountadam, Eden Valley Shiraz 2018

This week i’m in australia and i am Presenting a real classic of australia a Shiraz from south australia from the Barrosa region a particular part of the Barossa called the eden valley this is The mount adam vineyards eden valley Shiraz 2020 vintage and it’s for sale From justarini and brooks at 10 pounds 56 per bottle there are some other Independent stockists i’ll put a little List of those just at the end of the Video So the barossa valley and shiraz are Synonymous and the eden valley is a kind Of elevated part of the barossa famous For shiraz and riesling and this company Mount adam was one of the first to plant Its vineyards at an even higher Elevation in the kind of upper eden Valley and 550 meters elevation indeed Which by australian standards is pretty High It’s also made by a woman called caitlyn Brown and whether that is an influence Or not there’s a certain delicacy to This wine as well as the kind of power And richness that you’d expect from Barossa shiraz On the nose Well it is absolutely glorious i mean There is kind of cedar and graphite Lots and lots of sumptuous black fruit In here

But there’s something a little bit like Pepper too like white peppers just been Sprinkled over the wine delightfully Aromatic and very expressive of shiraz Or syrah Then on the palate Chocolate fills in the bottom a real Kind of bittersweet chocolate at the Bottom A lovely raft of succulent fruit So kind of full and dense But all the time Really bright tannins really bright Acidity meaning the wine finishes with Real kind of life and energy about it Nothing too heavy or dead about the Fruit in this wine So a cracking example of a classic style But given a little free song of extra Kind of energy and excitement At a very good price i have to say This is the mount adam Eden valley Shiraz A 2020 vintage for sale from just Reunion brooks at 10 pounds 56 and some Other stockists and a lovely wine of the Week [Music] You