Review of Nero Oro, Grillo Appassimento 2019 wine

For my wireless week this week i’ve come To sicily and it’s a one which i’ve Tasted the previous vintage and really Enjoyed But i think this 2019 kind of ramps Things up even slightly more This is the nero doro grillo 2019 Apacimento as i say it comes from sicily And it’s in Majestic stores at 9.99 And on one of their mixed six deals it’s 8.99 But it’s one of those rare occasions Where i think the headline price is Actually worth it And a small discount 8.99 makes it even More attractive So the wine is made from the grillo Grape there on sicily And it’s go through it goes through and A passamento technique That’s a technique of drying the grapes Before Fermentation so the grapes have half Raisins and when you do the fermentation You get a super Sweet concentrated flavor but still Because it hasn’t been Fully dried plenty of kind of freshness Too On the nose well it really is lovely i Mean it’s kind of flooded with Honey a little bit of a kind of nutty

Character to this too Lots and lots of juicy nectarine ripe Nectarine So really kind of plush but inviting Nose Quite intriguing with that nuttiness too And then on the palate Super sweet fruit not sugar this is not About residual sugar in the wine It’s just that luscious sweetness Enhanced by the drying by the opacity Men to the reasoning Giving quite a rich mouthful quite a lot Of texture to this wine That lovely peachy juicy fruit And a very good acidity it’s not a sharp Lemon acidity It’s maybe more like lime or orange in The acidity And making for a really pleasing bottle Of wine Now this is the nero doro apacimento Grillo 2019 it’s in majestic stores at 9.99 Or 8.99 on a mixed six deal and it is A wine of the week You