Review of Nice Drinks, Wine for Heroes Malbec

Now here’s an interesting wine that’s Extremely easy to recommend not much Because of the stuff in the bottle Although that’s decent And more to do with the story behind it This Is the nice wine for heroes Argentinian malbec and it’s for sale From Nice drinks dot co dot uk at eight Pounds per bottle And i believe it’s also another Retailers including amazon and story Behind it is a Is fascinating so nice drinks specialize In doing Canned wines little 25 cl cans of Wine basically for the picnic and party Season and this Argentinian malbec and non-vintage Malbec was originally meant to be This summer’s red wine in a can for the Festival going season for example But of course covered paid to the Festival season And the plans to sell this wine in small Cans But instead of just riding the whole Project off Instead the wine was bottled in a Standard 75 cl bottle And relabeled as wine for heroes with a Picture of

Nurse emma on the front ella on the Front And all proceeds from sales of the wine Go to nhs Charities which was a really nice touch So The wine itself it’s a kind of standard But Decent argentinian malbec it’s designed To go in cans to be drunk at festival so You know i’m not going to lie to you and Say it’s the best malbec ever But it is coughable and it pushes all The malbec buttons On the nose lovely kind of ripe fruit Quite sweet fruit a little touch of Something like chocolate in there too Then on the palette Simple glockable ripe black fruits A creaminess to the wine which is very Nice soft tannins And just enough acidity to give it some Balance a little bit of structure But really it’s all about easy cough Ability for picnics around the barbecue Or if you manage to attend any events This summer So the wine is the nice wines Wine for heroes argentina and malbec it Costs Eight pounds from uk And various other retailers and proceeds Go to nhs charities This is my wine of the week

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