Review of Odd Bird Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé

[Music] Now every November and December I Receive a flood of invitations to taste The latest alcohol-free wines basically Products which have been made as wines From grapes but then the alcohol has Been removed by a variety of methods now I'm on record of saying that without a Doubt every single one of these tastes Nothing like wine to me you know you get Bottles where they say it was grown and The slopes of this and that and ages and Oak barrels and it still tastes the same It tastes kind of characterless can a Watery kind of nothing so I think it's a Bit of a travesty to try and pretend it Is wine Uh so what do I have in front of me here Well this is the odd bird alcohol free Sparkling rose It comes from the longer dog in south of France it's made from the two great Grapes of the Champagne region Pinot Chardonnay and it's made by the Traditional method so it spends a year On the leaves and individual bottles Before discouragement and selling it has Zero percent alcohol Uh What I think of it you know I I hate to Down with them please but it's a Pleasant drink this sells for 12.99 from Left weights 9.99 if you're buying a Dozen and there are loads and loads of

Sellers of of this wine out there apart From lethwaits too I I've just realized Um but the drink itself Pleasant A little bit of herbs a little bit of Raspberry on the palate Fizzy rather than kind of sparkling and Sumptuous A bit more kind of prosecco-like and It's kind of weight and texture but Quite nice raspberry flavors good Balancing acidity taste nothing like a Champagne for example but it's Thoroughly pleasant drink with zero Alcohol so it's recommended in that Basis Don't look at it as uh uh alcohol-free Version of a champagne or a quality Sparkling wine look at it as a quality Sparkling drink with very adult flavors And it can be recommended for those Avoiding alcohol this January this is The odd bird alcohol-free sparkling wine Selling for 12.99 or 9.99 if you buy a Dozen from leithwaits and from other Retailers and my sparkling thing of the Week [Music] [Music] Thank you