Review of Olivier Coste Je T’Aime Carignan red wine

A while to eat this week is a red wine From the long dock in the south of France and it’s a wine made from the Karanyan grape one of the very Traditional grapes from down there but The wine itself certainly in terms of Its presentation is far from traditional This is the olivier cost Us I love caronyan it’s the 2020 Edition of this wine and it’s an organic Wine grown organically and you know Other than this slightly kind of a funky Modern labeling the wine is actually Quite traditional made in concrete tanks Doesn’t see any oak but just made from Really ripe caramel from down there in The sun drenched south of france On the nose Well there’s a really kind of lovely Buoyant black fruit here plenty of kind Of Wild berries brambles a little bit of Raspberry and a lift in there as well a Little kind of brightness Underpinning that a little bit of that Kind of savory character with a lot of French wines tend to exhibit and it’s in This wine too it’s not all about the Fruit On the palate Well it’s an interesting wine There’s a depth of kind of plummy dark

Rich and ripe fruit here but there’s a Keen edge to the tannins quite grippy Rustic tannins Good acidity giving it absolutely Classic food matching appeal again that Can a little bit of structure in amongst Fruit So it’s a lovely wine um 14 alcohol so No shrinking violet as i said Organically certified and it costs about 12 pounds from a number of different Retailers cheapest i could find there’s A company called all about wine 1149 Or quite a few other retailers i’ll put A little list at the end of the video Selling it for around that 12 to 13 Pound mark My wine of the week is the olivier cost Jutin karen yang 2020 for sale at 11 Pounds 49 from all about wine and the Retailers coming up it’s my wine of the Week [Music] You.