Review of Ormarines Picpoul de Pinet wine from Marks & Spencer

It was a few years ago now that the Grape variety peak pool kind of exploded On the scene suddenly everyone was Talking about this grape from the longer Dock in southern france that until then Had been relatively unknown but the Clean fresh crisp style of uh these Wines of the people the pine wines Obviously really struck a chord with Consumers and for a while there it was All that a lot of people i met talked About Well here’s an example of a peak pool From the cab de ormaran And it’s in marks and spencer’s at nine Pounds of bottle now it’s only in stores You can’t buy it online Uh although i have to say there’s a Similar wine made by the same company in Majestic 9.99 though regularly on one of their Mixed six offers too So this wine A peak pool Renowned for its kind of slightly herbal Tang and it’s lemony and apple freshness And that’s exactly what this wine gives You it’s not complicated it just has That lovely kind of zing and freshness Without the maybe over exuberant Aromatics of something like a sauvignon Blanc for example On the nose

Yeah all of that It’s those Fresh sliced apple and pear fruits a Little touch of lemon and that little Green hair be tang too and in the mouth Pleasing sweet fruit Very ripe orchard fruits again but it is Kind of sliced through with an acidity That’s somewhere between lemon and lime So not too sharp but definitely there to Give a quite Good Food matching appeal i mean i’m thinking Mostly of fish and seafood here salads Perhaps And but it does have that lovely Freshness palette cleansing uh freshness That i think will appeal to people who Have tried this style before and would Like to try a decent bottle at a decent Price This is the on maranz Pitbull the beanie and for sale in marks And spencer’s at nine pounds per bottle In the stores only remember my wine of The week [Music] You