Review of Our Fathers, Just Like Heaven white wine from Australia

Now i featured the wines of our fathers From australia before on In fact this one might even have made Wine of the week in a previous vintage But this is an absolutely beautiful White wine this is the our father’s just Like heaven 2021 it’s a blend of mostly Rusan with grenache blanc made by man Called giles cook a British mw Who makes this in his winery in Australia And it’s made in one of those kind of Very I suppose serious styles with Fermentation in barrels and concrete Eggs to give a lot of extra texture to The wine in particular and the really Interesting thing about it for the first Week of january is that 100 Of profits from sales of the our Father’s wines Go Straight to charity a charities that Have a close connection to giles and so You’ll find the wine on the our father’s Uk website it’s priced at 16 pounds per Bottle but you do have to buy six Bottles a case of six at 90 pounds Believe me it’s well worth it so the Wine as i say Ron varietals rusan and grenache blanc And a beautifully

Clear Crisp but weighty character on the nose The fruit is into apricot and peach but There’s a kind of Coffee lemon roundness and weight Carries through two really attractive Nose the barrel component very discreet Indeed then onto the pallet Texture aplenty here There are layers and layers of Luscious fruit for sure That can have vanilla a little touch of Oak and a really good acidity the Acidity is very sparky you know it’s It’s not Aggressive but it does have a real kind Of lively limey lemony kind of thrust to It It gives away lots of personality too so You’ve got that kind of multi-layered Dimension of flavor really quite a broad Full texture Big Food friendly wine this uh you know i Mean i’m thinking of roast poultry but All sorts of things would work really Well with this wine Um Fish too you know it’s got that clarity Cracking wine uh all profits go to Charity this is the our fathers just Like heaven 2021 It’s for sale from our fathers wines dot Co dot u

At 90 pounds for six bottles which is a 16 per bottle equivalent my wine of the Week [Music] You