Review of Our Fathers wines, from Australia

[Music] Now i’ve featured the wines of Our fathers and went pages before it’s a Really interesting project The wines are made by an mw from the uk Called giles Cook and he has a really good label Called thistle down in australia which Is winning lots of awards and making Great wines But as i kind of side project to that he Has a not-for-profit label called Our fathers which is an omash to his uh His parents and all of the profits from Sales of these wines Go to very worthwhile charities which Are close to giles heart So you know that every penny you spend On this all the proceeds are going to Charity A very worthwhile project the first one I’m going to talk about is not the one In my glass it’s a new white wine from Our fathers called just like heaven it’s A 2020 vintage First vintage of it and it’s a blend of Rusan and grenache blanc It comes from the mclaren vale area of South australia And it’s a lovely wine and fermented Partly in barrels Partly in concrete eggs with wild yeasts And it’s a lovely Fresh fragrant style and loads of fruit

Loads of kind of ripe Pear and orchard fruit a little bit of Spiciness And wonderfully fresh acidity too 13.5 Alcohol so not heavy but textural Because of that Wild yeast and barrel fermentation And a lovely wine it’s on sale for 16 Pounds of bottle Through the other father’s website the Address of that is on screen now but I’ll also put it At the end of the video now it’s partner Is the uh red grenache and shiraz blend And this wine is the second time i’ve Reviewed it spring follows Winter this is the 2019 vintage For sale at 14 pounds from the same Website And in this case giles is sourcing the Fruit from the barrosa valley Mostly the shiraz i believe i think it’s Pretty much all old vine Material and it’s a lovely wine it’s a Buoyant expression Filled crammed with a kind of raspberry Ruffle fruitiness Are just really lovely but they’re on The palate It adds like a chocolatey density to it Partly through Very smooth tannins very nicely balanced Acidity A black currant juiciness in there too

But it continues with that lovely kind Of fragrant raspberry character too Making it Deliciously sippable a real beauty for Um for a barbecue maybe not the right Time of year but terrific with Casseroles and winter stews too Um a fruit filled but quite serious Quite textural wine again and a lovely Partner to the white So we have the spring follows Winter red which is 14 pounds of bottle And we have the just like kevin white At 16 pounds of bottle both available From the our father’s website Both donating all of the profits to Charities My wines of the week [Music] You