Review of Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc white wine

[Music] Now i know that a lot of my wine loving Friends will be a little bit aghast that I’m recommending this wine the oxford Landing sauvignon blanc And i guessed on two counts one is that It’s a Very much a big brand a lot of people Think that these big brands which sell On price and the multiple grocers the Supermarkets Don’t really need a critic to recommend Them they can do that themselves Another thing is that it is very much a Made wine a constructed wine That is built to a recipe built a Certain Demographic and that they see is a kind Of the opposite end of the spectrum from A natural wine Which has grown and kind of hands off Winemaking and not Interfered with me i think it’s my kind Of duty to Cover the whole spectrum of wines and a Lot of people will drink a wine like This Rather than a kind of 15 or 20 pound More esoteric bottle And also it’s actually a very pleasant Wine So oxford landing 2020 sauvignon blanc In All the major supermarkets sainsbury’s

At six Quid all the rest of them tesco as do You name it All around that six 650 mark And it comes from south australia and it Weighs in with only 10 And a half percent alcohol that’s one of The reasons i’m recommending it because It’s a Good summer in the garden drink with That lower alcohol But it also tells you the wine has been Very carefully constructed I don’t know how they got the alcohol so Low whether it’s by picking the grapes a Little bit Earlier whether it’s by managing the Leaf growth of the wines which can be Done Or whether it was using technology to Remove alcohol But ten and a half percent is what you Get apart from that Good souvenir block aromas a little bit Of elderflower a little bit of a Pea shoot lots of tropical fruit and on The palate Well it’s like lemonade you know it’s as Easy to drink as lemonade so just as Well it’s ten and a half percent Almost nothing in the way of acidity to Disrupt the picture here Nothing in the way of kind of layered Complexity just juicy tropical fruit

A little bit of fresh squeezed lemon to Freshen it up Quaffable is the word for this wine Uh my wine of the week uh is the oxford Landing sauvignon blanc 2020 And you can buy it in sainsbury’s for Six pounds and in Most other major retailers for around The same price And serving its purpose rather than Being anything more than that It’s my wine of the week [Music] So [Music]