Review of Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling wine from Australia

I was somewhat surprised to find that The first time i reviewed the [ __ ] rail Wrestling on was 1999 When i was reviewing the 1997 vintage uh It’s a wine i’ve tasted and enjoyed for Decades literally and here we have the 2020 the latest version For sale in noble green wines for 13 Pounds 99 a bottle there are actually a Lot of stockists of the wine Including a caddo i believe so i’ll put A little list of all stockists just at The end of the video so riesling from The eden valley an elevated part of the Barossa valley in South australia not far from adelaide And this from a specialist vineyard Which only grows riesling and winemaker Louisa rose one of her favorite wines i Know and on the nose It’s just it’s typically gorgeous it’s That streak of fresh lime but with a Kind of floral aspect too and really a Delightful nose it is Uh citrusy without being a tall kind of Lean and it has a lot of burgeoning and A sense of ripeness in there too On the palate Beautiful it’s a dry wine Again it’s lime for me that streaks Through there but that kind of blossom Character of delicacy which is on the

Nose also carries through somehow onto The palate giving it that lovely kind of Um Free saw of elegance and delicate kind Of filigree character which recently can Do so well Good acidity here but not too sharp Lovely weight lovely texture another Beautiful Example of a riesling from pewseyvale in The eden valley this is the 2020 vintage for ceiling 13 pounds 99 in Noble grape but a couple of stockists i Will list just at the end of the video It is my wine of the week [Music] You