Review of Pierre Janny Saint Veran white Burgundy wine

The wines of burgundy in france are some Of the most expensive in the world or Certainly can be But here’s a really nice example of a White burgundy hundred percent Chardonnay from the makanese region the South of burgundy at a much more Affordable fourteen pounds and ninety Five pence This is the pier gianni [Music] 2019. so sun varan is one of the Appalachians of the makonese the south Of burgundy which does make Really good white wines to my point of View and always lovely kind of succulent Fresh wines a little bit of oak but not Too much and really nice fruit This is a good example it’s from the 2019 vintage which is also a very good Vintage for white burgundy in particular And on the nose Well as well as that very clean sliced Apple and citrus freshness of fruit There’s a little bit of oatmeal a little Sheen of something a little bit more Almondy And it has a nice suggestion of Something slightly floral too just a Little top note Barely perceptible but it’s there just To add a little bit of extra interest to The wine

On the palette Really nicely pitched As a little bit of texture creaminess of Texture Has really nice fruit again it touches Into the more tropical peach and Nectarine it stays quite kind of focused On that white fruit The apple the pear Good acidity even a little hint of Something quite kind of stony and Mineral and all around a really nice Example of a chardonnay of a classic Style from sam varane in burgundy Fishing seafood a banker Creamy pastas creamy risottos Good with poultry too so quite versatile From a food matching point of view This is the pier gianni san veron merlot 2019 For sale at 14 pounds and 95 pence from A company called from And it is my wine of the week [Music] You