Review of Porcupine Ridge, Sauvignon Semillon 2020

There’s an extremely good winery In france hook in south africa called Broken hoods cliff Which makes some terrific wines and they Have a kind of second Label which they make in conjunction With the local cooperative Seller in france called porcupine rich Which has been making really good good Value wines for many years Now it’s a while since i tasted one but This sample of their 2020 Sauvignon blanc semio landed on my desk And i thought it was a really nice Little wine Worth recommending 9.99 in majestic When one of their mixed six offers that Price drops To 8.99 uh worth mentioning also That there’s a straight sauvignon Without the semion component In sainsbury’s for about 650 but this Has also seen a little bit of Barrel aging probably of the semi-auto Which Adds to that price a little bit so on The nose Well it’s pretty much straight quite Luscious sauvignon blanc quite a kind of Tropical character to this With um a little bit of capsicum green Pepper A little bit of elderflower and

Gooseberry lots and lots of quite Punchy fruit too quite vibrant then on The palette Well there’s a kind of fat lemony core To this Supported by a little bit of creaminess A little bit of a little bit of semi all Certain that will be helping with that But it’s quite a punchy wine through to The end a touch Just a touch of residual sugar just to Kind of flatter and soften the finish Making it a very easy to drink wine Without any of the kind of aggressive Quality that sauvignon blanc can Sometimes have and you know 12 and a half percent very nice summery White wine this is the porcupine ridge Sauvignon blanc semion it’s in majestic At 9.99 or 8.99 And it is my wine of the week [Music] You