Review of Pyramid Valley Sauvignon Blanc + from New Zealand

In just a couple weeks time i’m hosting One of my own online testing sessions Which is called new zealand life beyond Sauvignon blanc and in that session We’re going to look at um all sorts of Other grape varieties that are being Grown and made into wine In new zealand We’ll also look at a couple of examples Of how sauvignon blanc has changed from What i might call a stereotype of those Very pungent aggressive Tropical fruited asparagusy kind of You know the cat’s pee in a gooseberry Bush style of sauvignon blanc that has Come to epitomise new zealand but is not Necessarily what everyone is making Here’s a good example this is the Pyramid valley Sauvignon blanc plus 2019 and it doesn’t come from Marlborough the famous home of sauvignon Blanc new zealand it comes from north Canterbury also in the south island but A good bit further south than Marlborough and the plus means that There’s actually a little bit of Riesling in this and a little bit of Pinot gris and as well as that it is Made in quite a natural style and with Wild yeasts And um it has a little bit of barrel Fermentation too so the whole picture is

Very different from what i would call The The standard uh malborough sauvignon Blanc style and on the nose Well it just bursts with fruit um Grapefruit for sure there’s a big tangy Blast of grapefruit but lots and lots of Kind of peach and nectarine too very Luscious Then onto the palette More of that lots of that kind of Tropical fruit but there’s a zest to This wine A little hint of saltiness in the finish Which gives it quite a broad mouth fuel To the kind of creaminess to the texture Probably from that barrel component Um and all in all it’s a different but Really interesting expression of Sauvignon blanc from new zealand so the Wine costs about 18 pounds 99 Not cheap that’s the price in hay wines There are a number of other stockists a Little list of those coming up just in a Second or two this is the pyramid valley Uh sauvignon blanc plus 2019 comes from New zealand it’s for sale for around 18.99 and hey wines and a number of Other retailers it’s my wine of the week [Music] You