Review of Quinta do Sobreiro red wine

Foreign [Music] Of the week this week is another Celebrates World women's day which is on The 8th of March 2023 so just a couple Of days after we publish this video and It's a wine from a woman winemaker Called Natasha texiera and she makes the Wines here at Quinta de sobriero which Is in the treasures Montes region of Portugal so this is a region that might Not be as familiar as the Duro or the Alantejo it's up in the far north east Of Portugal And mixed wines some very good wines but We don't see as many of them as we do From some other places so this Particular wine is this red wine is made From two local varieties a trunkadiera And terigonacional and that's blended With a little bit of Cabernet Sauvignon The Vintage is 2021 and the wine sells For 10 pounds and 90 from The Who imported into the UK Also so the wine it's unoaked and has a Really vibrant Deep Purple crimson color And on the nose It's just a glorious flood of ripe berry Fruit there's a little hint of violet But mostly it's just about really Luscious black fruit tiny hairball Nuances just adding a little bit of Interest but clear fruit Aromas then on The palette

Well it's delicious It is unoped but there's a certain kind Of chocolatey richness to this wine But the fruit is so ripe so sweet so Juicy not too overdone because that Little herbal Edge keeps it balanced the Cabernetes souvenir perhaps adding that But such a plush svelt delicious Mouthful of wine at a very reasonable 10 Pounds 90. Um highly recommended this is the Quinte De sobriero Red wine it's the 2021 vintage and it's For sale from the at 10 pounds 90 per Bottle A really very nice indeed wine of the Week [Music] Thank you [Music]