Review of Riverby Estate Chardonnay 2021

Week this week is a chardonnay from New Zealand now New Zealand especially the Marlborough region where this wine comes From has built its Global theme on the Sauvignon blanc grape but in some ways Chardonnay is a bit of a kind of Insider Secret the chardonnays from Marlborough Tend to be of extremely high quality and I I think this is one of them so the Wine is the river bay estate Marlborough Chardonnay 2021 It’s for sale from black dog at 24 pounds per bottle There will be other stockists in time But uh it’s a brand new way in the Country and black dog are the importers And retailers so that’s where to Source It right now so the wine comes from Marlborough as I said and it has very Gently oaked and it’s a family around a State all Estate Vineyards the wine Actually made by Dr John Forest of Forest estate a highly experienced Winemaker on the nose Well you know despite having 14 alcohol There’s a lovely kind of lightness and Finesse to this there is some creamy Kind of almond and oatmeal but also a Lovely sense of precision with peachy Fruit and a little bit of Caroline and Zest in there too In the mouth

Well again that character is lovely it Has um it has some texture it has some Weight but there’s a kind of real Finesse to this And the fruit moving from that Connectoring a lot of kind of Mandarin Orange acidity to to which is really Quite Charming rather than aggressive And I really beautifully pitched Chardonnay One of those wines that will have Wide Food appeal everything from kind of Creamy risotto’s and pastas to fish and Seafood to roast chicken Um beautifully pitched beautifully done This is the Riverboat estate Marlboro Chardonnay 2021 on sale from Black Dog Wine agency at the moment at 24 pounds Per bottle in my wine of the week [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]