Review of Robert Oately Signature Chardonnay white wine

For my winter week this week i travel to Western australia to the margaret river Region a very high quality region famous For its bordeaux blends but also Increasingly for chardonnay and that’s What happens this week it is the robert Oatley Signature series chardonnay 2020 from Margaret river and it’s for sale in Majestic uh at 14.99 down to 12.99 one Of their mixed six deals it’s in the Co-op at 12 pounds and if you’re a Costco member you can buy it for 10.99 So those are the 12 quid is the kind of Um is the good price for this wine So it’s um partly aged in french oak Barrels And it’s a chardonnay in a style that is Not shy on oak but also embraces some of That kind of flinty directness to on the Nose Well i do get a hit of kind of buttery Brazil nut here from that oak it’s very Appealing actually but it’s quite fat Quite generous As well as that A little bit of peach a little bit of Lemon for sure then onto the palette Well that promise of a little bit of Flint comes through there’s a nice edge To this wine Firm slightly salty edge to the wine That helps cut through the richness of

The mid palate it’s a very carefully Crafted wine it’s kind of hitting lots But pressing lots of buttons you know It’s got some weight it’s got some Butteriness it’s got some oak but it’s Also got freshness it’s also got a hint Of that kind of um Flinty gunflint wisp of smoke that is so Appealing in wines like chablis for Example Very well done only twelve and a half Percent alcohol Uh so it’s a a nice summery style as the Weather has picked up a little bit And uh at 12 pounds from The co-op 12.99 from majestic 10.99 from Costco the robert oatley signature Series Chardonnay 2020 is my wine of the week [Music] You.