Review of Sainsburys Coteaux du Giennois Sauvignon Blanc

[Music] [Music] Thank you there are many appellations of The Loire Valley in France which Specialize in sauvignon blanc this one Comes from a less well-known region Called the Koto de gianwas which is very Close to sancer on the Loire River and Makes a lot of sauvignon blanc but as I Say maybe not so well knowing the wine Is part of the taste the difference Range in Sainsbury's and sells for Um 11 pounds per bottle So as I say sauvignon blanc has this Nice kind of emerald green brightness to It that kind of reflection of green that Suggests freshness always to me in a White wine and on the nose Well it's a very delicate kind of white Flowers crisp apple and pear Um not really aggressive characters or The green characters or some sauvignon Blanc a little bit of kind of herbaceous Character a hairy character in the Background but really quite kind of Fresh and direct then on the palette Foreign Easy drinking wine this suggestion of Kind of candied fruit in here Um candied mango candied lime lemon Maybe also Um nice texture runs through to a much Pithier grapefruity kind of finish a Little bit of a lime cordial kind of

Character to it but it's a well-balanced Sauvignon blanc relatively light 13 Alcohol easy drinking and approachable Broadly food friendly and maybe the Goats cheese but maybe also fish and Seafood or as in a pair of teeth wine This is the Sainsbury's test the Difference This is the 2020 you may find it's the 21 inch store now and the price is 11 Pounds per bottle and it is my wine of The week [Music] Foreign [Music]