Review of Santa Tresa Rina Russa Frappato wine

Now i featured a red wine from sicily as My wine of the week just maybe a month Or so ago and but that one was quite Expensive it was over 20 pounds this Week something a lot more modestly Priced but still red still from sicily This is the santa tresa frappato Renia russo 2019 And it’s a wine made from the frapato Grape and for sale from the wine society At eight pounds and 95 pence per bottle So for pato one of the Classic grapes of sicily and this is a Wine an organic certified wine that i’ve Tasted over many vintages i think you’ll Find about six notes in my database for Previous vintages And for patter always make quite a light Colored wine you won’t see it again in This video i think but it’s it’s got a Kind of paler more pinot noir style Color to it and a softer style but Somehow santa tracer with this one gets A little bit more savory edge to the Wine than some Which are very much kind of Buoyant and cherry-fruited and very very Bright this is some of that but a little Bit of savory savory bitter sweetness Too On the nose Well a little bit of a kind of um

Fresh herbie character Cherry fruit very bright very Reminiscent of those for patterns with That more floral character there’s a Little bit of that in there And then on the palette Well that’s where things kind of firm up A little bit It becomes quite sappy the sap is a word That i use often for something like a Crew beaujolais But it has a touch of that kind of Vegetal quality Which kind of makes more savory Underpinning to the fruit gives it more Of a kind of gastronomic mouth feel this Has that i think Very soft tannins good acidity but it’s A wine that’s in its way chewy enough Because of that sappiness but light and Fresh also A wine that was Really well suited to something like A piece of salmon maybe a piece of Swordfish or tuna if it’s chilled down a Little bit also very good with something Like a tortilla also and i think it has That kind of freshness that burst of Fruit This is the Santa tres arena russa For pato 2019 it comes from sicily and it’s Priced at eight pounds 95 in the wine

Society and it’s my wine of the week [Music] You