Review of Smith & Sheth, Cru Wairu Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Now i was lucky enough Just before lockdown began to visit new Zealand And one of the wineries i visited was Smith and Chef now it’s a fairly new name but the Steve Smith is the one of the partners in the Business steve smith mw A man with an immense track record in New zealand Is one of the very best viticulturists And our wine producers He’s the man who was for many years with Craigie range Before that with villa maria and now He’s partnered up with an american Investor The chef of the title to create this new Brand smith And chef now this wine is the smith Chef crew wairu sauvignon blanc 2019 so it’s a sauvignon blanc from the Wairu sub region of Malbar on the south island it’s for sale At 18 pounds 99 From the new zealand house of wine and If you buy a six bottle case from them Or a mixed six bottle case in fact The price falls to 16.99 so it’s an Expensive sauvignon blanc by some Standards but i have to tell you

It is an absolute beauty on the nose Well beautiful aromatics i mean a kind Of soaring Lychee and peach very inviting Tropical kind of perfume there and There is a little bit of the elder Flower of that slightly kind of grassy Character But it’s much more about that really Vivacious vivid fruit character And on the palette Well one of the things that makes us Such an outstanding sauvignon blanc Is the intensity and concentration here From 25 year old vines and one of the Key regions of marlborough It’s been made in a style which is um Really full Fruited but intensely mineral too in the Finish a real kind of salty kick to the Finish Terrific fruit through the mid palate Again you’re in that exotic spectrum The apricots the mango the lychee but a Substantial Mouth filling and very very delicious Wine So sauvignon blanc like this and it does Partner with those things that are quite Tough to match And sauvignon can do so well like Asparagus and goat’s cheese But also it has real class real texture Real weight

For meaty white fish for a piece of Halibut maybe or a piece of monk fish Um an outstandingly good sauvignon blanc This is the smith and chef crew Wairu sauvignon blanc 2019 It’s for sale at 18 pounds 99 or 16.99 by the mixed half dozen From new zealand house of wines few Other Retailers too so i’m going to put in a List just at the end of the video This is my wine of the week [Music] You