Review of St Hallet Faith Shiraz 2019

For my ones week this week i’m heading To australia and one of the great and Iconic Combinations of place and grape this is A barrosa Shiraz this is the sinhalat faith Shiraz from the burrossa valley and it Sells In tesco at 14 pounds per bottle and It’s the 2018 vintage So in many ways an absolutely archetypal Barossa sure has this flooded with dark Creamy berries and chocolate But it’s also a wine with a nice bit of Kind of aromatic complexity And freshness juiciness which i think Makes for a really Winning combination 40 alcohol so it’s Still a bit of a big Sun-filled red but i do love on the nose That there’s a real kind of kirchen Violet kind of lift to the florals here Really really attractive as well as the Fruit and gives it lots of kind of Appeal and interest lots of suggestions Of real kind of buoyancy and lift then On the pallet Well it makes you smile with that big Rush of creamy Sweet plump kind of summery fruits Underpinned by chocolate for sure it’s Aging in french and american oak barrels Gives it a little bit of toast a little

Bit of vanilla But it’s not overdone and crucially that Fine kind of dry Cherry pit acidity sees it through to The end It’s delicious stuff it’s highly Drinkable Dangerously drinkable mindlessly Enjoyable And great for barbecues over the summer Great with a steak But you know it’s quite versatile Because of that lovely kind of freshness Could go really well with a roast Chicken too My why of the week is the saint hallett Faith shiraz 2018 vintage For sale in tesco at 14 pounds per Bottle It’s my why of the week [Music] You