Review of Susana Balbo Barrel-Fermented Torrontés 2021

[Music] [Music] March the 8th is international women's Day so for the next few weeks on a wine Pages for my wine of the week I'm going To celebrate women wine makers of which There are actually many and in some of The top Estates around the world this Particular one is from a woman called Susanna Balbo who's been a Leading Light In the Argentinian wine industry for Decades and this is her Barrel fermented Torontes 2021 vintage now torontez is a great Variety which is famously or perhaps Infamously very very floral and very Very fragrant it's like a bowl of Potpourri and a lot of people don't like That strength of fragrance other people Love it but here the barrel fermentation Of the wine has just kind of subdued That quite a bit and also the wine is Only 11 and a half percent alcohol so It's been picked early which perhaps Means it was picked before though it Really kind of full-on Aromas develop Whatever it has a hint of that kind of Jasmine-like character but much more Lovely kind of Juicy uh Mandarin orange Note to the fruit a little bit of that Oaky underpinning but all no little Smashing more kind of a little bit like Vanilla than anything toasty then in the Mouth

Oh it's beautiful it's just Peach juice and mandarin orange That kind of sums up the wine there's Good acidity the barrel component the Oak just has a little creaminess to the Texture and the Finish but a really Unusual way to treat uh torontes a Surprising way and a very very effective Way So this is a Susanna Balboa's 2021 Battle fermented torontez from Argentina For sale for around 14 pounds from the Wine Society other stockists coming up My wine of the week [Music] [Music]