Review of Tenuta Serranova Ottavianello red wine

My wife’s week this week Comes from italy and it comes from the Deep south of italy from the hill of Italy Puglia this is the tenuta serenova Ottavianello 2018 Vintage and it’s for sale from great Grog At 12 pounds 25 per bottle there are Some other stockists Around the same price but a little list Of those just at the end of the video So we’re in puglia the heat and dust of The far south down there Uh land of olive oil and olive trees and Grape vines And otovianello is not the grape you’d First think of them down there maybe Primitivo or nero de troya might be the Ones that spring to i Mind but this grape actually francis Sanso does really well for this estate Based around the hilltop town of astuni One of those beautiful white hilltop Towns Uh the wine not aged in oak But it has tremendous depth perhaps Thanks to that Southerly aspect of the vineyards and Also because of A couple years in the bottle now this 2018 vintage just to kind of smooth and Round things out

On the nose well there’s a lovely kind Of little bit of Floral rose hair beak and a lift to this Which gives it a lovely kind of Lightness But as well as that there’s a depth like A velvety depth of fruit And a hint of coffee all adding up to Really kind of weighty profile on the Nose Then in the mouth Well it’s crowd pleasing easy to love Stuff very soft tannins Soft acidity a flood of that Dark cherry fruit backed up with a Little bit of chocolate or coffee Really easy to drink and a delicious Example of sanso which doesn’t always do So well as a single variety Usually it’s blended but here a really Good wine From puglia in the south of italy Match this to barbecues in the summer is Going to be fantastic but also great With a plate of pasta or chili This is the tenuta serenova otto Vianello 2018 vintage for sale in great grog 12 pounds 25 per bottle and my wine Of the week [Music] You