Review of Terrazze della Luna Pinot Grigio white wine from Italy

Foreign [Music] I featured recently in one of my online Tastings and it went down a storm with The tasters who weren't expecting much More Pinot Grigio but who were delighted With the wine much to my surprise I see That I made this wine exactly the same Wine my wines a week in the year 2000 And 122 years ago then it was the 2000 Vintage of the wine this is the 2021 Vintage so it comes from Cavett a big Company in the very far north of Italy Up near the Austrian border the region Of trentino and Cabot's a huge player But they invest an awful lot into their Wine making and their Vineyards and Produced very good quality wines This is a superior Pinot Grigio there's An ocean of cheap and cheerful Pinot Grigio around this is a superior version It costs 9.25 from uh Other sockets are available but I think It's worth that little premium over some Of the cheaper Pinot grigios that are Around so on the nose For the classic lemon and lime kind of Fragrance it's it's lovely it's very Buoyant there's kind of bursting fresh Crunch to this wine a little bit of Floral going on a little bit of kind of Rosy red apple but very attractive very Aromatic then on the palette Well a bit more texture than you might

Expect from some Pinot grigios which can Be kind of very light bodied but also Really zingy bursting crunchy flavors Lots of flavor to this wine which again Sets it apart a little bit as an example Of Pinot Grigio from the north of Italy Still very good acidity a dry wine food Friendly certainly is a great aperative Wine sipping on its own only 12 and a Half percent alcohols are quite light But we really match well with fish and Seafood at lighter summery dishes with Summer hopefully just around the corner So this is the cavity Terrace De La Luna Pinot Grigio 2021 It's priced at nine pounds 25 from and it is my wine of the Week [Music] Thank you [Music]