Review of Terre Nere, Etna Rosso red wine from Sicily

The wines of sicily are becoming Increasingly Popular especially those from the slopes Of mount Etna the very much active volcano on the Eastern side of the island And the vineyards there growing grapes Like The narello mascaresi which is the grape Of the swine Are quite sought after now lots of High-end producers Making wines from quite high altitude Vineyards On those volcanic soils this particular Wine Is the uh terry neri Etna rosso 2018 and it’s for sale at the Equivalent of about 13 pounds 50 a Bottle if you buy a Case from just iranian brooks buy it by The single bottle and the price is more Like 16 50 17 pounds And a number of retailers are also Selling it at that kind of price Cinderella mascara is the variety And it makes wines in this i guess what We’d call a kind of pinot noir style in There it’s a very pale Color you won’t see that i think in this Video But it’s pale and translucent and they Have that slight kind of perfume and

That briery and that forest floor can Attach To them quite often that it that pinot Noir does too from burgundy And on the nose well this has all of That it has a lot of kind of dry Cherry pit fruit definitely in the red Fruit spectrum But those little bits of brushwood and Briar little bits of kind of Earthy truffley more forest flooring in There too Very appealing of its style uh and on The palette Was brisk and it’s juicy there’s nothing Kind of ponderous about this wine it has Been aged in Older oak barrels of various sizes so There is a kind of mellow Undertow vanilla in there but it’s all About the crunch and freshness of those High altitude Narello musculasi vines there in etna um It’s not the blockbuster style don’t Come here looking for lashings of Oak and bake and a strong muscular black Fruit character It’s much drier much finer And maybe so chilling very slightly Um but i think a lovely wine of that Style This is the tenuta terry neri etna rosso 2018 For sale in just iranian brooks are

Between around 1350 and 16 pounds depending on whether you buy a Case or not And some other suppliers also coming up Just at the end of the video My wine of the week [Music] You