Review of Terre Nere Rosato and Saint Max rose wines

Is it too late in the year to be Recommending a couple of rosie wines Well certainly rosie is selling much More throughout the autumn winter and Spring than it once did it was once Confined to being only a kind of summer Wine And though still it is the archetypal Summer wine People are drinking rosie all year round And sales prove That so a couple of wines this year and I’m sorry This week to recommend before the worst Of winter sets in You still fancy a nice chilled glass of Rose The first comes from etna this is the Tenuto de tereneri Etna rosatour rose it’s a 2019 vintage Um and it’s made from the local grape of The aetna region The narello mascarazy makes very good Deep red wines too but here Fashioned into a rose now what i really Like about this wine Is it has as you can see maybe you can’t See in this light but it has a slightly Kind of um Orangey color to the pink It’s not a pure bright vibrant pink Which suggests a little bit of a kind of Oxidative handling in the wine making

Giving it a slightly more serious Character i would suggest On the nose but a lovely hint of kind of Earthiness and brier little hint of Something more interesting than just red Fruit Although believe me it has copious red Fruit too Then in the palette Textured dry walks a really nice line Between that Sweet juicy red fruit and a kind of Savory character lots of lemony acidity To make it food friendly too I think it’s a lovely style of rosie a Little bit different coming from the Aetna region Um and as i say gastronomic it’s going To match really well with Uh with fish and seafood and those kind Of things As well as being sippable now the wine Comes from just the rheum brooks And it’s available by the six bottle Case price works out at just over 14 Pounds per bottle And if you’re going to put an order in For it and then another wine that just Rooneys are selling just now is a Lovely provence rosie This rosie the ascent max is made in Provence but it’s actually made by a Roan company A very well respected roan company and

The wine itself mostly based on grenache It’s a typical provence wine beautifully Fresh Beautifully crisp beautifully dry in the Finish crammed with small red berry Fruit And another very good example so it’s Kind of two if you like for the price of One The uh the max coming in at around 10 Pounds or just over 10 pounds a bottle The etna wine from terry nerry coming in At around 14 pounds of bottle these are my wines Of the week [Music] You